Are Your Head and Heart Aligned?

Lady stand looking out with words: Anxiety is a sign of growth

When you notice that things are a bit off kilter, stop, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “Is my head aligned with my heart?”

Do you want to feel more hope for the future? How does hope show up in your life? I am often asked about hope and how to feel more hope in times of uncertainty, loss and grief. Face it, it is easy to feel hope when everything is going well, and you are sailing right along. Hope is an inner state of being that changes how you live on all levels. There are 4 phases that are helpful to identify and experience that keep hope alive.

Phase 1 – Awareness

Pay attention. In this time where there are so many distractions and interruptions of all kinds, awareness is a valuable commodity. Distracted driving causes many issues. Screen addiction continues to rise and cripple the inner critical thinking of our next generations. The first phase of living hope realized is to be aware. Be aware of your inner dialogue, emotions, your attitudes and the people and events in your life. Pay attention. It is safe to come out of the fog of disconnection. That numbing fog of distraction has dire consequences.

Phase 2 – Attunement

Attune to your inner environment. What is your gut telling you? What is your heart saying? How does your body feel? These are all important discernment questions. To become attuned, you must be breathing, deeply breathing. For many people, this seems challenging. To be conscious and able to feel the rhythm of your breath is vital. Exhale now, then inhale slowly. Take a full deep breath. Feel the air entering your body. Now, exhale at the same pace you inhaled, feeling the air leaving your body. Pause your breath between every inhale and exhale to allow your body to receive oxygen and to release carbon dioxide. This is essential. The more you pay attention to your breath, the more attuned you will become. You will notice insights and increased awareness. Take time each day to tune into your body.

Phase 3 – Aligned Action

Now, with your mind, heart and gut aligned, take proper action that serves your ongoing connection. Hope springs eternal when we live our lives aligned from the inside out. In a world where being externally focused is seductive and reinforced, aligning inside out is radical. This radical way of discerning actions supports your hope. Take the actions that are aligned. If something is not in alignment, yield and see what happens. Many times, you are being asked to pay attention to timing. Proper aligned action from the inside out is the basis for hope realized.

Phase 4 – Assess

Take time regularly to asses your progress and your inner environment. Are your heart, mind and gut aligned? Do your daily attitudes and actions reflect alignment? Of what are you aware in your thoughts, emotions and body? Taking time to stop and take a deeper look within keeps your hope alive. Hope thrives when you are aligned, and your thoughts, words and actions are in tune and aligned for your highest vision. Notice anywhere that you might be off course or where you may want to make changes to your course. These assessment opportunities offer you the time to adjust and make changes as you want without having some emergency to get you moving.

Hope Realized is a way of living that consists of reasonable daily focus and actions that support your overall vision for your life. Hope rises when you are living your vision and focused on the possibilities. Hope falls into the background when you are out of alignment and distracted by the external seductions. Seek the alignment, breathe and then move forward. Your hope will quickly become even more prominent.

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