Hope Revitalizes in Times of Darkness

Hope Revitalizes in Time of Darkness

Whether we like it or not, life is cyclical or seasonal. There is the darkness of winter, the new life of spring, the growth of summer and the harvest of fall that then we move back into the darkness of winter. All of nature and the Universe operates on a seasonal or circular pattern. There are clear cycles in life. When we, as humans, attempt to force our lives into a linear way of living, we create a dis-harmony and we become increasingly unresourceful. Much time has passed in our societies that have revered the linear logic and stoicism that now the cycles and richness of life in the flow must re-emerge and be seen.

When you attempt to live in a linear fashion, you will create many added challenges and obstacles in your life. In the decades of work with others, I have noticed many people adopting the linear way of life and they become depressed or disillusioned. Life is not linear and to try to live above the higher Universal Laws is ludicrous. Linear logic has its place yet to give it total rule does not work. There is birth, death and the growth and decay in the middle so it would be smart to make friends with the way Nature exists rather than pretending to be above and somehow exempt from the Natural order of things.

I suggest that we begin to call the darkness of the winters in life sacred or holy. What if we honor this time of darkness by going within and releasing the old while we await the emergence of the next new, beautiful aspect of our lives? What if we chose to live in the flow of the seasons rather then fighting and pushing, thus creating struggle and strife.

I have said my entire life that I dislike the cold darkness of winter. Being raised in Florida, this makes sense on a human/physical level. I am now seeing the darkness of winter as an amazing rite of passage into the new and wild with possibilities in the spring-time.  This inner shift has made a great difference in my winter. I have decorated the darkness with light to celebrate the time of inner reflection and rest. By honoring this season and embracing the opportunity to go within and allow newness to spring forth, I am more hopeful than ever before on a deep level. I am sure as you embrace the seasons and cycles in your life on an inner level, you will experience a new freedom and hope realized.

Hope is the spirituality of the seasons for me. Hope is the energy that connects us to our dreams and desires, our physical self and all our deepest resources. What a perfect connection! What amazing potential is stored in your inner world? Are you taking the time to connect to your deep inner knowing?

Embrace the darkness and decorate this time to remind you of the power of connecting to and awakening your amazing inner resources. Increase your awareness so you can attune to your inner potential. Then, when the days are longer, and spring has arrived, it is time to spring forth.

Just as there are seasons in the year, there are seasons within daily life. There are seasons in a business, a family, a lifetime and a friendship or relationship. Allow your seasons to flow with grace and ease. With every death in the winter of life there follows a new spring – of this you can be certain. Life and death, beginning and end, start and stop all are needed for the other to be experienced. Let’s release our death grip on trying to hold back the natural seasons. Let’s open our minds and hearts to the natural order and offer gratitude for this amazing world in which we live. Let’s live our hope realized!

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