How You Get Stuck

You are stuck in life, and you are wondering what happened. Most likely it happened over time while you were not completely aware of the slowing of your growth and the lowering of your personal vibration or Joy level. There is a myriad of ways to get stuck and the most insidious ones are the ones that grow slowly over time, so you adjust and adjust until one day you hit the wall of frustration and upset. Understanding how you get stuck begins your freedom process. This need not happen.

By identifying some of the key factors in getting stuck, you arm yourself with the beginning of the solution of getting unstuck and moving forward once again in the manner you choose.

1. A season of growth has completed yet you continue to hold on to the old way. You have finished the previous season and your being is moving forward. You have mastered a skill or healed an old trauma, yet you continue to think, speak, and act out of habit. Thus, the old, lower vibration way, maintains control and you become stuck between the old, outdated way and the new way. It is like being in an endless hallway in which you are locking all the doors of exit. This creates frustration, impatience, self-doubt, and anger.

2. Your attachments to the past keep you in a proverbial holding pattern. Over the years, I have had many clients holding on in desperation to their past accomplishments and old identity. Holding onto whatever is outdated and old news keeps you stuck. You may want to move forward and seize new opportunities, but you are stuck in the old pattern. Your life it meant to have many iterations of your vision come to pass, not only the one thing you are holding onto.

3. You are not using what you have been given. You have within you a wellspring of inspiration, purpose, and vision. When you block this wellspring, consciously and unconsciously, you get stuck. You have been given a unique and highly personal life vision. It is time to bring that vision forward in a way that only you can. Old traumas, wounds, denial and defiance can all hinder your expression on your vision in your physical reality. You vision will keep knocking on your inner door to be let out and come to life. The more you resist and stay stuck, the more angst you will experience.

4. Your wants are more than what is needed for your vision. When you allow your ego and the external world to dictate what you need to “make it” or be successful, you can be led astray and thus get stuck in a rut of envy, covetousness, greed, or the like. Going after the stuff rather than the fulfillment of your inner vision will get you stuck in a searching and yearning rut that will keep you stuck. You may look good on the outside yet inside you are unfulfilled. Think about the inner silent pain that many people feel that lead to their demise. This comes form this great distraction.

5. Unresolved earlier negative experience gets triggered. You drop into a lower state like sadness, grief, or shame. Once the trigger happens, you begin to think, feel, and act from that time and space. You leave the present moment and are now living from old, past, energy. This keeps you stuck and a slave to the old, pain of the past. When you respond to current events with an overreaction, you have somehow jumped into an old trigger. You are not present, you are stuck.

6. You use your imagination to live another’s reality or dream. Imagination is a great gift and if used out of alignment, it can create a sense of running through jelly or even being in quicksand. When you allow yourself to compare of attempt to live another’s vision, you will always create some form of suffering for yourself. You are here to be YOU. You are fully equipped to live your personal vision. No one else can live your vision and no one else can do it for you. Distracting yourself by trying to live another’s vision will cause inner discord and eventual “stuckness”. If you continue, you will regret the years of following others’ dreams and not your own. Being able to do something is not the same as being called to do something. Follow what you are called to do.

These 6 ways are not the only ways you can get stuck in unhealthy and unresourceful patterns and situations. Being present and in the moment are great places to being to free yourself from the bondage of old patterns and paradigms that are holding you back and causing discord in your life.

You deserve to be alive, free from old baggage. You must be the one to makes the decision to drop the baggage and get unstuck. I am here to shine the light and be by your side.

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