How to Get Unstuck

Imagine that you are tubing, floating down a river in perfect harmony with nature. Resist the temptation to grab branches or trying to swim upstream. You are part of the nature that is all around you, just like other animals and plants and the water itself. I will share 5 factors in how to get unstuck.

These impulses to grab ahold of branches or swim upstream come from the old, familiar way. You are moving away from that now. Time to be fully present in your surroundings, enjoying the passing scenery while being fully immersed in the beauty.

As you float, old ideas, ideologies, and personality descriptions begin to change or even dissolve. They do not apply to the new space you are passing through at this time. In this river, you simply cannot stay stuck. No matter how hard you fight and stamp your princess foot, you will be moving on down the road.

Here are 5 suggestions that can make your experience much more user friendly and enhance your life moving forward.

1. Trust the process. Your life is about living fully in the energy of life while also collapsing energy into form and creating. How fun! By allowing yourself to be guided by the Universal flow, you are exhibiting trust. This is how we remain free and able to create and engage with life without feeling stuck or blocked. Relax into the river, it has an intelligence that you can trust.

2. Recognize transitions of beginnings, endings, and the path in between. Learn to move with the beautiful rhythm of life, the seasons that guide our life and experience. Here is where you practice releasing attachment to outcome while trusting that the outcome will transcend your best ides. It is here where you make friends with the hallways and the liminal time and space. Recognize the for what they are and honor the cyclical process of nature and your own rhythms.

3. Learn the highest use of your willpower. Willpower has to do with discernment and choosing. Many think that this spiritual tool is about control and forcing life when in fact, it is about making powerful choices that align with your inner integrity.

4. Encourage fluidity wherever you find yourself withholding. Often stagnation or frozen awareness happens when you are withholding energy and flow from yourself, or you are holding onto old, outdated paradigms or ideas. Notice how you withhold. Maybe being the center of attention or incessant talking or distractions on social media or binge watching a mindless show. Where you notice these stubborn blocks, breathe into them some softness, compassion, and flow.

5. Notice where you are holding unto what seems stuck. You will notice stuck energy in the form of rigid thinking, frustration, anger, resentment, stiff muscles, or joints, etc. Allow your deep breathing to wash over you and release the stuck energy so you begin to flow once again. Anytime you are stopped in the river, you are holding onto something that is old, whether it seems useful or not. Be willing to trust the process.

Raise your vibration. We are multisensory beings, and the old paradigms are no longer serving us in the same way. There are gaps and many points of separation along the way and this is when we are called upon to move breathe into the separation and allow ourselves to be united by raising our intention and our awareness.

Pay attention to the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social areas of your life and focus on equalizing the energy within these areas. When your flow is out of harmony, so too your life will be. Allow an inner wave of your inherent creative nature to wash over your inner landscape and bring with it more connectivity and calm. You vision and mission are undeniable, and you will be much happier and joy-filled when you choose to live in concert with your calling.

Choose what keeps showing up over and over rather then running. Running from your inner calling and authentic self is an exquisite form of inner pain. Often, people suffer a silent misery, and this can be stopped by taking long, slow deep breaths and saying YES to your higher self.

Your authentic calling cannot be denied. It will keep showing up until you choose in congruence with your soul’s mission. You get unstuck by releasing the compulsion to control and by releasing fear or uncertainty and inviting in the mystery of life, trusting that everything comes together for your highest good; even when you cannot see it yet.

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