There’s No Such Thing As Writer’s Block

Many of my clients push back when I exclaim “There is no such thing as writer’s block.” after they share being stuck and blocked. As I listen deeply to their frustration and perception of being stuck, I do not hear a block like many people. What I hear is an opportunity to rise above the feeling and belief in limitation. This is a golden opportunity to free yourself from some bondage of human ignorance. Something is only a block if you call it a block, period.

As a writer myself, having written several books and hundreds of articles, I have had many opportunities over decades to experience creative flow and creative ebbs. Even when others have mentioned writer’s block to me about my creative process, it never resonated in the traditional way. I have learned over time to honor the seasons and when I am not producing, I am planting seeds and resting as I am led; all the while preparing for the growing season and the harvest. By having this belief, I am internally free, less stressed, and much more joyful when I am writing or creating.

Investigating further within, my belief is that there are natural cycles and seasons that, when honored, keeps the flow of inner creativity emerging right on time. There are no blocks, not really. What can be perceived as a block boils down to a belief that you can be stopped or blocked and then you are a slave to this situation. This is far from the truth. Just as nature is always right on time, so too you are right on time when you trust your inner guidance. Comparison to external influences can cause heartache. Comparison does not serve you as the creative being that you are.

In my experience, what may initially appear like a block or creative drought, is actually an invitation to look around for an opening that was once not evident and is now emerging. It is an invitation to move through the opening that is emerging rather than pounding on old ideas and beliefs. It is perfectly OK to release the old beliefs and ways of being, in fact, you are meant to continue expanding and releasing what no longer serves you.

Always there is an opening if only we will pay attention and be willing to move through the opening into the vastness of creative juice. Many times, you are being invited to expand, see things a bit differently while your intellect is fighting for a status quo. This can feel like a block if you allow the inner discord to build momentum. Instead, pause, yield to higher timing, and watch for the opening. Once you see the opening, seize that opportunity with the strength of your inner conviction.

Like a great running back runs through the hole the offensive line created for them, so too you want to move with a keen focus on your vision and mission when the opening appears. Always being ready to cut right or left, slow down or speed up, run straight or spin, doing whatever it takes to reach your next milestone. Your goal and vision are the focus while you give yourself full flexibility and license to get there is style by being flexible in your execution. One milestone at a time.

If you are in an idea cult and stuck with such rigid ideas and beliefs that you are unwilling to evaluate and move forward, you will experience many challenges. Being stuck in certain ideas for the sake of holding on to the past, does not serve your creativity or your purpose. We are all meant to grow, expand, and evolve and holding onto static ideas as if in a cult is counterproductive. Idea cults are everywhere, and I have uncovered some in my life that I promptly expand into freedom of thought. Beliefs that let you know you are caught in an idea cult can include:

1. We always do it this way.

2. This is what we do here.

3. What has worked before will work now.

4. Most creative people are starving artists.

5. I must be perfect in my execution of my craft.

6. Writer’s block stops creativity.

Rigid thinking gets you nowhere fast. To get unstuck and be free of overwhelm or the perception of being stopped or blocked. You must learn to free yourself from the inside out. There is no such thing as writer’s block. The real message of your struggle is to open your mind and heart for something better – then move swiftly as it appears. This is where trust and faith in your own inner guidance can be helpful You are NEVER blocked, there is always a way.

Now is a great time to begin to check with your beliefs, inner stories, and intentions. Do they align with your highest calling? Are the stories you tell yourself serving your highest good or are you holding yourself back in some way? What beliefs are you clinging to that are not serving you, like writer’s block or not being good enough?

As a creative mentor for many creatives, I trust this has helped you shake off some old beliefs and invite you to be internally free to create as only you can. To connect with me, click here. Let’s have a great conversation!

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