How do you choose?: Making Choices Easier

Choices, choices!

There is one choice that feels better than all the others. You can feel it, I know you can. How come we, as humans, tend to talk ourselves out of the better choice? Then we pay a price that we do not want, or we must deal with unintended consequences.

Each moment of each day is a choice point. We are always choosing, consciously and unconsciously. We choose with one of 2 motivations: love or fear. Underlying all choices is one of these 2 motivations. The outcome you receive is directly in relation to your motives, disclosed or undisclosed.

Do you pay attention to your choices as you go through your day? Are you the person who pays great attention to the seemingly “important” choices while choosing lesser important things without much thought? Some folks tend to overthink many choices and create an analysis paralysis which can cause stress and challenges.

I believe that paying attention to your choices throughout the day can build confidence and helps you overcome doubt and worry. Sometimes, slowing down and honoring your simple choices affords you the opportunity to examine your effectiveness in the simple things. Even doing the dishes or laundry can be examined as you make choices to confirm or open the door for adjustment.

In my new home, folding some of my towels a bit differently works better in the new closet configuration. By slowing down and observing my choices, I was able to recalibrate and make new choices that serve better rather than trying to fit the old system into the new home. This is a matter of relatively minor importance. You can see how even everyday type choices take a certain amount of energy and focus.

We have the chance to observe our choices all the time. “Sleepwalking” and not paying attention can yield discomfort and upset. In today’s societal climate, paying attention and being willing be flexible is an asset. You can observe some choices and discern that they are still most effective while others you may want to upgrade. This sets you up for more ease and flow in your life which greatly decreases stress and uncertainty.

5 simple ways to take your life back:

Release the fear. Fear of not being enough, fear of not getting what you want, fear of failure or fear of success. Jettison the fear from your life by turning toward inner love and compassion. You will be happier and fulfilled.

Make your choices from within. Feel the difference between one that aligns and one that is not aligning for you. The key here is to not let your ego/intellect override your soul. When you override what feels right for you, you set yourself up for an outcome you might later regret. Pay attention to what your inner voice is saying and begin to listen on deeper levels. You will be guided in ways your never realized were possible. Herein lies more beauty, grace, and ease. You deserve a flow and ease to your life.

Allow time for integration. Allow inner space for integration and assimilation of new ideas and inspirations. Doing too much too fast creates a healing crisis and actually works against you. More is not always better.

Choose grace, ease, and flow. By focusing on your inner integrity and taking the next right action, you can stay focused on what is more vital at each juncture. You cannot push a river so do not try to push your inner nature. Give your inner nature permission to flow and break up the dams you have built. Allow you to flow in each moment with a quiet confidence that all will work out perfectly and right on time. Often, humans create messes by over complicating things.

Simplify your life.  Flow and ease happen when you simplify your daily systems. Create systems that work for you and allow you to be in flow often. Invest the time and energy to create the platform for your success. Whether it be a great calendar system, a management system, reducing visual clutter, or releasing some old projects that are not serving you. Even small simplifying changes can make a huge difference day to day.

Each moment, you are choosing. Each choice colors your life, present and future. What kind of life are you seeking? Do your actions align with your desires? Make friends with your power of choice. Declining to choose is in fact a choice.

Avoiding a choice does not work. Avoidance is a choice. You are in command. The more inner honesty and integrity you develop, the more aligned and fulfilled your life will be. There is always room to grow and evolve as a person. You are constantly expanding. Follow your inner flow and it emerges. It knows where to go, just like a river.

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