Make Recovery your Superpower

The World In Recovery

The world is currently going through a time of uncertainty, anxiety, isolation, and pain. It’s changing, healing, recovering… and as those have been through recovery, we know better than anyone: it’s not the most peaceful process.

With the recent upheaval of our day to day lives, old wounds may come up. We may falter or struggle with doubt. We may feel terribly alone and disconnected, but here’s the secret:

You, those who have been through recovery – you’re the chosen ones.

You’ve found your way through the darkness before, and you’ll do it again, bringing the world with you this time. But, it’s an impossible task to take on alone.

That’s where we come in.

In This Program We’ll Work Together To

  • Enhance and expand our personal tools of recovery
  • Better deal with uncertainty
  • Explore the idea of powerlessness vs. helplessness
  • Move into our futures with poise
  • Maintain connection when isolated in the ways that best serve us
  • Discern our new life paths
  • Put our faith and visions into action
  • Explore and utilize “Principled Living”
  • Grow our skills in combating fear

The Turn Your Recovery Into Your Superpower program is an 8-week, confidential program that utilizes both group and individual mentoring. Our group will be capped at 10 people to create a more intimate learning experience and to ensure everyone is able to get the most from the program.