Personal Legacy Program


If you want to experience hope – create a lasting personal legacy. It is time to break the old habits of playing small.

Creating a living personal legacy with intention and focused action is the most authentic and impactful way to live your vision.  

Legacy is a word that is thrown around all the time. What is your legacy going to be? As a talented human being, we often think about legacy being for other people. Really, now is the time to create your legacy.

So many people are walking around in a kind of doldrums or malaise, feeling purposeless while waiting for the magic pill. Taking your personal legacy into your hands with conviction will erase the malaise.

It is time to be intentional about what we leave behind – our energy, presence, healing and compassion for self and others.

There is no magic pill.

The time is now to live fully from your inner compass with your vision for your legacy leading the way.

What I have found is that creating a personal legacy that lives on beyond you does not have to be accidental. Focusing on your deep inner calling and desires can transform you and leave a meaningful legacy.

Creating a personal legacy that lives on beyond you does not have to be accidental.

It takes passion. Grit, Focus, Action and support from a trusted guide or mentor.

Changing times require a dynamic and flexible approach to bring your legacy forward.

The 4-month Personal Legacy is multifaceted. The program includes:

  1. 2 meetings per month for 50 minutes
  2. All essential materials
  3. Membership into the Someone Gets Me Inner Circle includes 4 weekly meetings and 4 hours of open office hours
  4. SSP – Core Program – 5 day pre-cognitive music intervention to regulate your Vagus nerve, this developing renewed neuroplasticity. (see below)
  5. Focus calls, emails and texts for support or guidance.

If you want to experience hope – create a lasting personal legacy

4-month Personal Legacy Program:

Creating a living personal legacy that travels into the future brings hope and offers resilience. Often your personal legacy differs from your vocational legacy.

During our time working together, we will focus on:

  • Removing the conscious and unconscious blocks such as grief, fear, anxiety and malaise.
  • Increasing overall awareness and how to use your intuition as your GPS.
  • Your neurodiversity and how it shows up in your work and relationships.
  • How to use your unique gifts and talents for your benefit.
  • Focused action with feedback loops for accountability.
  • Discerning your calling from a good idea or what you can do.
  • My proprietary Life Equilibrium Model that can be applied to all areas of your life, now and moving forward.
  • How to effectively live at the convergence of your creativity, vision and execution with a joy-filled heart.
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The SSP Protocol:

Part of your transformation is regulating your nervous system and making friends with yourself.

I believe that in order to authentically live our legacy, our nervous system must be regulated and functioning properly. With so much chaos, traumas, fears and grief, many people are experiencing malaise, anxiety, sleeplessness and increased stress responses. For any program to work well, your nervous system is vital to your ongoing, lasting success.

The purpose of the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is to initiate and access a physiological state conducive to well-being, positive engagement with others, and growth in learning and therapy.

Rooted in his Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges created the SSP to help people learn to attain a grounded state where they feel safe, connected, calm and social. By helping to access a calm and grounded state, the SSP promotes a neural platform for health, growth and restoration. Neuroplasticity helps you receive better, whether it be a massage, a hug or another connection. It also helps you release and heal old grief, dysregulation, anger and fear. 

I wrap this protocol into my programs and my clients are reporting great results. We work together to clear the cause of the emotional or behavioral cause of the dysregulation. The majority of my clients share improved sleep, decreased anxiety, better digestion and enhanced creativity.  I also work in conjunction with other providers to enhance their clients’ results.