Practice is What Makes You Good

Dianne A Allen sailing

Those people you may look up to or admire for their accomplishments were once beginners. It was their practice and dedication that has allowed them the opportunity to move forward and shine in a certain area.

Letting Go of the Need to Control

Controlling behaviors come from addictive challenges, fear or feeling powerless. Letting go of the need to control is a powerful way to reclaim your personal power and happiness. What you are trying to control is controlling you. The more energy you invest in forcing a particular outcome, the more you hand over your power and the more unhappy you become. … Read More

Aligned Success Emerges from Creativity and Vision

My work as a catalyst who meets you at the convergence of your creativity, vision, and execution of your higher purpose is uniquely personal.  So many people are dealing with feeling stuck, anxiety/panic, overthinking, depression, addiction, loneliness, and frustration. Know that you are not alone if you are struggling.  Being distracted from looking within for inspiration is an addiction that … Read More

Healing the Wounds of Generations Past

tattered teddie in the water with words: Healing the wounds of the generations passed.

Community and connection are the answers to all the challenges we are facing. We can only transform and heal in safety, emotional safety. No one will be open and vulnerable when they are not safe. Sadly, many communities are not emotionally safe as many families are not safe either. This lack of safety creates an inherent disconnection from others which … Read More

Hope Revitalizes in Times of Darkness

Hope Revitalizes in Time of Darkness

Whether we like it or not, life is cyclical or seasonal. There is the darkness of winter, the new life of spring, the growth of summer and the harvest of fall that then we move back into the darkness of winter. All of nature and the Universe operates on a seasonal or circular pattern. There are clear cycles in life. … Read More