Visionary Leader Mentoring Program


To truly live your vision on purpose, there are a few essential elements that you need.

Get Unstuck and Bring Your Inner Vision into Reality

Deep down inside, you’re aware of a visionary project that you are compelled to do. It is calling you and keeping you up at night. It is something that will make the world a better place.

You’re a strong leader with a lot of success yet you don’t know how to take the next steps to get unstuck and take action to make your vision happen.

You may be feeling an inner urgency and you know you need someone who gets you and who can guide you.

You intuitively know that the time is now; your inner vision is tugging and it is time to respond with focused action.

There are many people who have gotten over the chasm and have taken the leap to really create something special. You will be inspired AND you will create your own amazing story of your personal journey.

I created this as my offering to my community because we’ve all been there – feeling not understood, feeling not seen, feeling alone and misunderstood.

And it is just not true.

You have a vision inside yourself to create something bigger than you.
Not one of the people I’ve worked with has done it alone.

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Here are the details of how I work.
Are you ready to get started?

What You Receive During this 6 Month Program: 
Initial meeting to set the stage for our 6-month program.
24 individual, personalized 50-minute meetings with a directed focus on your vision and action steps
Concierge email and text responses to questions or to offer feedback with prompt response times
Workbook and other strategic materials based on your unique vision and goals
My intuitive feedback and support
Membership in the Someone Gets Me Facebook Community
Signed copy of the Signed Copy of Daily Meditations for Visionary Leaders book

Dianne helped me work through a business problem in short order. She’s a miracle worker. If you have gifts and talents you think are not being used to their full potential or need to work through a solution, I recommend you check out her websites, get her book, attend her retreat or just plain beg her for a mentoring session. You won’t regret it.

Gabe A. - Tampa